Tuesday, July 10, 2007


i bought some condoms just now. i was at the corner store buying my usual vitamin water and canned fruit. i was in line for the cash register waiting to pay when all of the sudden the clerk motioned to a young boy im assuming was no older then 11. she needed to use the bathroom and asked him to get on the register. holy shit i thought. it was as if god himself shined his light on me. this was the opportunity of a life time. this kid cant no what a condom is, let alone a magnum. sheeeet! because they kept the condoms behind the counter i had to calmly ask the kid to grab them for me. everything was going as planned, smooth sailing, i was almost in there. the condoms were behind him so he had to turn around and give them to me. but not before.........you ready for this?

you sure?

turning back around and eyeballing me with the most shit eating grin on his face. are you fucking kidding me? "you too" i thought. it was like something out of a sitcom. so surreal. what the fuck dude! i coulda smacked the shit out of that kid today. asshole.

if you need me il be in Dc for the day. not posting. maybe.

if you havent noticed i have the sence of humor of a 12 year old. however, im great with kids.

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unemployed lloyd

*the first official "white people wednsdays" is tomorrow. stay tuned!

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Tova said...

that picture is on our fridge. cool.