Tuesday, July 17, 2007

mr postman.

dont you hate when the mail man wakes you up? you throw on whatever you have laying on the floor, stumble to the door, open it and try to act like you werent just sleeping at 1 in the afternoon by acting way too professional. well thats happened to me this morning. i could usualy care less whos at my door when im sleep but i ordered records some time ago so i had to answer it. my room hardly gets sunlight so its pitch black during the day, you can hardly see anything (i like to refer to it as the whomb). anyway, i hear the doorbell ring, hop out of bed, grab off the floor and put on what i assumed was a hoodie and some regular shorts. how wrong i was. i was at my door by the time i realized what id grabbed so it was too late to go back and change. basically i ended up answering the door wearing my cut off shorts and a gray blazer with no shirt underneath. i looked ridiculous. to my suprise the mail man kinda gave me a quik glance and went about his business. must happen alot. ha!

unemployed lloyd

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david said...

That's an awesome story.

ZombieShark! said...

LOFL. I can't tell you how many times that exact scenario has happened to me (in different attire).
most times im just like fuck it.
In a related story..
Not too long ago, my boy was in town and i let him crash on my couch.
around 3 in the afternoon, the door buzzer rings. i wake up and answer it. it's the postman.
he gives me the screwface... my boy is standing right behind me and we're both in our boxers.

suffice it to say, the postman no longer acts all chummy and tries to be 'down with djing'... strictly business.

ChimyChonga said...

WoW! I just got put on to your blog and was reading all the old posts, this is the winner! I never thought anyone else experienced this like me. Im mean I even taped old bedsheets to the window frame so not 1 ounce of sunlight would make it through. I hate ordering anything through the mail just for this reason...