Thursday, July 12, 2007

so i just got back from dc. i went to handle some business, see my mother and my younger brother (hes rad). turns out while my phone was lost my mother borrowed money out of my account which forced my rent check to bounce. my brother needed a new set of lugg keys to take off his back tire. turns out he got a flat, pulled over, went to change his tire with his custom lugg keys and accidently droped them down a storm drain making him unable to change the tire. he told me he sat there for an hour shaking his head in utter disbelief. happens. so i go to the bank with my moms, its pretty dead so we walk right up to the teller. the teller is cute and giving me the eye. my mother notices and gives me a nudge egging me on to ask her out on a date. i kinda looked back with this "hell no" look on my face. i kinda laughed and explained to her why my bank teller is the the last person on earth id ever ask out on a date. sheeeet!

ME: hey, so you wanna go on a date or something. kick it. get some tacos?
HER: nigga you cant afford it! you just bounced a check, you got 7 dollars in your checking and you need to be putting some money in your savings acount!
ME: ah, ok. nevermind.

she laughed.
my mom reads the blog by the way. say hello

unemployed lloyd


TheGoodGirls said...

fucking amazing. 110%. please don't ever stop posting. EVER.



samFM said...

this is some of the funniest writing ever! almost better than talking to you in person!