Sunday, July 1, 2007

party size.

every so often i watch a movie that blows my mind. "Cruising" with al pacino is one of those movies. i remember my father owning this movie when i was younger but was recently reintroduced to it by the roc. easially one of the gayest movies ive ever seen aside from a Divine movie i saw when i was in a gay bar in dc one stormy night. both good but where the divine movie lacks cruising makes up ten fold. quotes for days! it kinda makes sence that al pacino would go on to make one of the most masculine movies of the last 30 years (scarface) right after. im not mad tho.

they even shed light on the ellusive bandana culture which in turn sheds a completely different light on this album cover.
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another teaser

unemployed lloyd

"im like tupac in juice. i dont give a fuck!" - unemployed lloyd

*thanks robert

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Mike B said...

How did I not know about this blog?? That's not whats good.