Monday, July 16, 2007

dammit man.

something about people on the train on their laptops drives me up the fucking wall. i almost want to rob them out of spite. there was some dude on the 3 today in the middle of a packed train playing video games on his pc. it pissed me off to where i wanted to get up and switch cars. i dont know why but theres something very rude about it. that and it forces you to acknowledge the fact that new york has gotten way soft if you can sit on a train with a 1500 dollar laptop and not get robbed. i still carry mine in the same orange jansport ive used since the ninth grade just to be safe. new york has always been safe. safe i like. soft i cant stand. now im not from here so i cant really claim seniority on the issue but id atleast like to think i might get robbed if i whip my laptop out on the train. however, in all honesty that probably wont happen anymore. welcome to candyland, where the roads are made of chocolate and the water tastes like fruit punch. whatever, atleast theres still port authority.

unemployed lloyd

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