Wednesday, July 30, 2008

best commercial ever.

im almost feel inclined to call my father.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

like, forreal?

i guess black people arent the only ones allowed to use the N word anymore.


Friday, July 11, 2008

what have i been up to?

everything and anything.
from not blogging to working on music.
djing when i can.
being lazy.
hanging in LA with mike b, jemz, tk, juli, reza, eli, jonny and omar.
enjoying the summer.
not really fucking with will smith anymore after watching hancock
trying to motivate this blog.
scoring the highest of my peers on a sitc trivia game
not being single
loosing my phone and credit (debit) card at the same time (shambles!)
washing regularly (almost)
not partying as much. (nore drinking)
getting my first grey hair
never ever ever smoking salvia again
not being on the internet as much
loosing ebay after ebay account for not paying on time.
and enjoying the year.

pics from LA

of me...
in one of the 2 shirts i brought for a two week stay.
(pics via &

unemployed lloyd

*short term goal # 1
blog again..fore it was this time last year when i began blogging. why not start up again.

*short term goal # 2
re feug shui my blog...its ugly a fuck. my neglect is to blame.

*short term goal # 3
been recording my live sets via tape recorder (not kidding) as soon as i convert them il put them up

*short term goal #4
enjoying july...

by the way july is my own official "let yourself go" month. this is what i looked like last july.

join me in the fight!!!

love you all....