Monday, July 2, 2007


since the weathers been getting nicer the clothes have gotten smaller and the panties want to come out and play. too bad theyre thongs. i dont play well with thongs. didnt this fad die after that one song? i cant front. it was cool in high school but we're adults now. somethings have do die. im not running around brooklyn with a flat top (sorry frog), green jeans and an african medalion because all things must pass. doesnt anyone else think theyre kinda gross? thongs need to go somewhere far and never come back. in idaho i understand but new york? this is the center of the fucking universe. we dont even need cars here cus we can all fly. if youre so pressed then go pantyless. whatever. im being an asshole now. sorry.

so gross

unemployed lloyd

"your blog wins. im informing all the other blogs that its a wrap" - blu jemz

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