Thursday, July 19, 2007

wilson sibara

wilson sibara was from south africa. when i met him he was 2 months into the states. we met at sports authority in rockville md where we both worked in the shoe dept. he was my mannager. i was 16 and he was 32. we had nothing in common. he had a wife and child he worked endless hours to provide for (between 3 jobs sometimes 30 hour shifts) and i had a tendency to "play too much". somehow we got along though and he eventually became my best friend. i think it was wilson that taught me good work ethic. i seen the guy start from nothing and over the corse of a year bring his wife to the states and put his child into private school. he would invite me over to dinner alot which i enjoyed cus i hardly ate home cooked meals. they got down at his house and i always left with a full stomache. i loved wilson. he was so rad. his english was terrible but we had no issues communicating. ill never forget one time when he caught me in the back of sports authority shooting bb guns at a co worker in the rollerblade section. in the middle of busy day he grabbed the gun out of my hand and screamed at the top of his lungs, "whats wrong with you rico? (explanation below) i should fuck your brains out for that!" i told you his english was bad. ha! anyway, i got fired that day and i saw wilson once or twice after. if your reading this i hope youre well wilson.

unemployed lloyd

*i didnt like random customers calling me by my real name so i would put different aliases on my name tag. that day it read rico. i was such an asshole back then.

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DJ Mighty Mouse said...

Shooting fellow employees with a BB gun is always an honorable way to loose employment. I mean, who the hell wants to admit being fired for letting their friends come in wearing a beat up pair of Reeboks, and walking out the door with a fresh pair of Tims? I ran in to Roscoe at a house party off Connecticut Ave. about a year ago... He's doing well.