Monday, July 9, 2007


found this mix from 3 years ago on a old hard drive a little while ago. i have serious issues with insomnia. im sure you wonder why i post so much. some might even say im blowing my load with this blog thing. ha. well its because most nights i dont fall asleep until 8 or 9 in the morning. id be writing or doodling to pass the time either way so why not start a blog right? anyway, this is one of those nights i decided to dj instead of write, draw, work on music ect ect...basically anything but clean my room. its all 101 type disco. i didnt have serato back then. id say it turned out pretty well. i dunno. i was young then and very much into leroy burgess at the time. ha. gets a bit janky at the end. i was probably getting tired. enjoy.

da vaults

unemployed lloyd

"im trying parlay my blog into a sitcom or something" - unemployed lloyd


Esteban said...

chance i could request an mp3 of "do it... anyway you WANNA"?

Erica said...

those sheets do not look clean