Sunday, July 8, 2007

ah the memories.

i wet the bed til i was 13 years old. as terrible as that sounds i wouldnt trade it in for a million bucks because it gave me such a sence of humility at an early age. it shaped me into the person i am today. there wasnt a specific reason why i did it. i guess i was a deep sleeper with a weak bladder. it happens. anyway, i can tell storys for days. i can tell about the time i fell asleep with my gameboy plugged into the wall and got a jolt run through my body that almost stoped my heart or the time i dozed off in class and had to tie a shirt around my waist for the rest of the day or even about the time i pissed myself so early in the night i woke up the next day dry, went to summer school unshowered and had a 30 person classroom reaking of hot urine in the summer heat. but i wont. not today anyway. i remember that last incident vividly because the teacher made a joke about how its not funny to laugh at people with scurvy or something. i didnt think that was very funny. asshole

unemployed lloyd

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