Sunday, July 29, 2007

natti's finest

ross used to have long dreadlocks. like more recently then he'd care to admit. hes always been cool but i dont think i fucked with him til he cut them off and became a brown baby. pase ive always fucked with. he's that dude. i like to refer to him as "the other black guy." first or second time we chilled i made out with some chick he was on a date with. all good because ive been getting his sloppy seconds ever since. i cant hook up with a chick in this city with out pase having something to say about it. i think its cus we're into the same type of girls. some people fuck white chicks, some like blacks, asian, *indy chicks, skinny, fat, tall ect ect. pase and i will fuck anyone. (kidding...ok, im not) maybe thats why we get along so well. hes got an album coming out on fully fitted records called "how to get game like lloyd." the title track is bananas.

unemployed lloyd

"yo, how do you know so many white people jamal?" - unemployed lloyd


Anonymous said...

You forgot about 'indy bitches.'

Piper said...