Tuesday, July 3, 2007


i once deaded a girl via text message. it seemed appropriate at the time because thats how we conversed anyway. i never deleted the message i sent her because i thought it was kinda funny. if you havent noticed i crack myself up. mind you we'd only been dating for two weeks. ha.

"im not sure when the next time i'll see you is so i encourage you to move on. it's gonna hurt at first but sometimes time is the best healer. yea, i know it seems impossible but i cant let you fall anymore in love with me then you already are. your gonna have to let me go. we had are fun and now its time to go our seperate ways. dont be selfish. Let me Fly! I want to Dance!"

i thought it was so over the top and obviously full of shit she might find it funny. she didnt.

im always curious as to when all this shit is gonna come back and bite me in the ass. heres to good karma i guess. (knocking on wood)

unemployed lloyd

"its all fun and games til someone gets blown up" - unemployed lloyd


Michael Allen Goodman said...

This blog is important.

Kevin said...

In its context, this might be the funniest text message ever

sharif said...


what was her reply!?