Thursday, July 12, 2007

another wierd thing that happens when im in dc is that i run into old friends. small talk is definitely not one of my best attributes so it always makes for an akward situation. this time around was no exception. i ran into a girl i kinda fucked over in high school and hadnt seen since graduation. she hated me in high school. youd hate me too if i hooked up with your best friend and eventually your younger sister. jeah. anyway, we ran into each other while waiting for the train. small talk city. it was obvious i had nothing to say and it was even more obvious she was in no mood to talk to me. oh, well. when the train came she got in one car and i got in the other. the end. however, for what ever reason i felt so defeated. i cant explain why looked hella good. shes smelled good, dressed good, hair and nails ect ect. me on the other hand? i was carrying a bike, i havent shaved in 1 month and because i only brought one pair of clothes my white tshirt wasnt so white anymore. i basically looked like shit. you know how when someone does you dirty you hope one day to run into them at their worst because thats what they deserve? well i think this was one of those situations only i had the short end of the stick. ha! because i fucked her over in high school i wouldnt be suprised if shes waited all this time to call me a piece of shit. lucky for her she didnt have to cus i already looked and smelled like one. bitch!

unemployed lloyd

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