Monday, July 9, 2007

a quik recap.

back by popular demand (no seriously) from the archives...

if god had a tshirt company this is what it would look like....
i bought this shirt off of ebay 5 years ago for about 4 bucks. if you were to ask me if it was worth it id point at kellys face with my right hand, look you in the eye and smack the shit out you with my left hand.
i found this shirt a couple weeks after the infamous concert on fulton for 15 bucks. as far as im concerned their first colabo (did i just use that word?) was waaaaay better. like one of the best albums of the 20th century better. like a notch above blueprint better. go cop it if you havent. trust me! even woody likes it. (right woody?) anyway, i bought this because i like to document Rkelly life in wierd ways and this is when shit got crazy....again
i got this in at PG plaza in maryland when i was 14. we had open lunch at my high school which meant we could leave at lunch and often i would stay gone only to rome shopping malls stealling discus shirts, nautica gear, cassette tapes from circuit city and columbia jackets. i bought this shirt tho...i like diddy.
this one ive had the longest and wear the most. i also got this at PG plaza only i was 12 this time and i was with my mother. i remember we were christmas shopping and this was the one thing i bought for myself. i remember it like it was yesterday because that was the year i told my father i wanted to be a photographer and in support of this he got me a football for christmas.
yep, PG plaza wins again. if there was a theme to my shirts it would definitely be "fallen soldiers" or something.


unemployed lloyd


Leah said...

Up Against the Wall!

Piper said...

the first time I met you, you were wasted wearing the OJ shirt and I think wefought over the inappropriateness of it... i clearly gave up bc it is in fact AWESOME

Woods said...

what about r kelly's tshirt bazooka, and what he wears when he performs live?

DJ K2 said...

The Kells&Aaliyah one wins. Get the audio from my "I Got 5 On It"-reggae post ;-)