Thursday, July 12, 2007

i need a helmet.

around 1pm today i almost got flattened by an suv. i can be pretty reckless when im on my bike so every now and then i need to be put back in my place. i sometimes forget in battle of man vs machine i am a loser. the last time i almost ate shit was early fall. it was totally my fault. i was crossing eastern parkway not paying attention and almost got shit on by a hatchback coming at me full speed. i froze, the car swerved to the left just barely hitting me as the whole neighborhood watched in awe. it was the weekend so everybody was out which made me more embarrased then shocked. i didnt even wanna ride my bike anymore so once i crossed the street i hopped off and walked it a couple blocks trying to sort out what happened. i didnt even get past the first block when i heard someone scream "what the fuck is wrong with you?!" i turned around and i shit you not it was some homeless dood. we caught eyes and he litteraly said "dont you care about your life?" as he's digging through a trash can on the corner of bedford and eastern parkway. it was beyond amazing. i couldnt help but laugh. true story.

an appropriate song.

unemployed lloyd

*that bike in the pic is for sale.


DJ K2 said...

Looks like it comes with a pussy magnet installed.

4AM jess said...

please don't get hit by a car. Then who will be my best friend ever???