Tuesday, July 10, 2007

i love my friends pt.2

this is tom. he's rad.

about 5 years ago tom saved my life. tom and i along with two other friends had just moved into an apt in park slope. it was the third week in and we had finally settled in so we celebrated by drinking 40's and watching tv. couple hours into it i passed out from drinking too much, the other two roommates left to go to a party and tom decided to stay in and work on his computer. so im passed out like face down fully clothed not waking up til the moring drunk as fuck passed out. anyway, tom wakes me up around 3am and tells me he smells smoke. its coming from the second floor (we're on the 3rd) so we run down the stairs and beat on the door. no answer. luckly are landlord lives next door so we grabbed him and bolt to the second floor. our landlord unlocks the door and a cloud of the blackest smoke id ever seen in my life shoots out into the hallway. for a second you could hardly see anything. long story short we alert the fire department and end up sleeping outside on the sidewalk all night watching our possessions and apt burn. funny thing was toms computer sat right next to the window so you could see it from the outside of the building. for what ever reason there were mad fireman surrounding it and i couldnt figure out why. i was like "what the fuck, why dont they do there job?". i asked tom what they were looking at and i'll never forget his face when he answered. he put his head down, got bright red, and with a soft voice mumbled "porn". at that point i died laughing because it was then i realized had tom not been up masturbating i would have suffacated and died from smoke inhailation. see...toms rad

unemployed lloyd


Tomlim said...
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Jeremy said...

i lost my phone lloyd, please call