Sunday, July 15, 2007

fuck coffee

no more coffee for me. not for a while anyway. on average i drink coffee no more then 5 times a year. when you dont have to get up and go in the morning it becomes less and less of a priority. in retrospect i dont think i ever really enjoyed coffee. i think it was more the ritual that made me drink it. so anyway, after a couple months of being coffee free last night after falling asleep on the train to work i decided to buy a double shot at starbucks. bad idea. i hadnt eaten all day so i was aware i might get the shakes but not like this. my whole body was out of wack, my equilibrium was fucked and my joints were sore from tremors alone. it was terrible. i must have looked like a crazy person last night. the booth is small but i dont doubt i walked over 10 miles in that thing pacing back and forth. my eyes were dialated, i was shouting at people and on top of that nothing i played felt fast enough. NOTHING! fuck coffee.

unemployed lloyd

"im a firm believer in bullshiting especially when talking to the opposite sex. bullshiting to the point where its obvious youre bullshiting. if your really good at it instead of being deceitful and malicious it becomes charming, cute, endearing and most of all non threatning. ill be honest with you. i have absolutely no game. NONE WHAT SO EVER. but i can talk some shit and deep down everyone loves a bullshitter."

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Shaden said...

re: bullshitting...

that's how you got me. so i guess your belief in it is very valid.