Friday, July 6, 2007

dammit man.

what a lousy night. it started off great. i met up with my good friend woody whom i hadnt seen in 2 months. we got dinner and caught a movie. your standard mellow night. i didnt even have a beer for dinner. all was gravy. then all of the sudden 20 minutes into oceans 13 i get the dreaded "where the fuck are you?" text message. turns out the person i had cover for me flaked and chose not to tell me. GREAT! i tried to find a cover but had no luck. i basically had to leave the movie theater, run home and get my shit so i could be a last minute cover for my own shift. dj's are such derelicts sometimes. thats probably why theyre dj's. assholes.

anyway, i like this record alot.

unemployed Lloyd

"i fuck like i brush my teeth. hard, fast and sometimes theres blood!" - unemployed lloyd

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Woods said...

yo son, you missed the mad stylish third installment of a hip and substance-free franchise! soderburgh running shit!