Tuesday, July 3, 2007

hey. i like tom

seriously i do. quit giving this guy a hard time. after 20 years of silence he opens up to the world and you realize just how little you like him. i love him. i think people like tom change the world. so he's said some dumb shit. havent you? i just dont think its right that people black list him because of his behavior, religion and/or things he's said. yes he's crazy. but i love him all the more for it. its the simple people that watch life go by. tom grabs it by the balls. im not mad at dude. you need to quit hating on tom and start hating on john mayer. he really sucks.

happy 45th tom.

unemployed lloyd

"if nothing else works out i can a. join the army or b. become a scientologist." - unemployed lloyd

ps. i need to borrow someones camra for the blog. any takers? it cant be nothing from last year.

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ZombieShark! said...

Mayers got alife street cred now though. he's officially official.