Monday, July 23, 2007

bikes, bbq & beer

probably one of the more mellow weekends in sometime. after friday night i think some mellow time was much needed. i cant put into words how much fun i had on friday. i bought about 20 whistles for friends and had no idea they would go over as well as they did. im so over the dj vrs the crowd mentality and i think the whistles were a good way of getting people more involved. im so not mad! next time everyone gets a whistle.
saturday was cool. i worked a check point for and bike race during the day and went home fully tan. im a darker shade of chocolate right now and im not happy about it. later that night i did my usual top 40 gig which i didnt mind so much. i dont think i cared because i was still riding the wave from friday night. my whole thing is i like 205 type gigs but i also like top 40. even playing what you want gets boring sometimes. i think having a good balance is key. who wants to be one type of dj? not me.sunday was cool too. my friend josh from re up magazine had a rooftop party in bushwick. the last time i was on this roof was labor day weekend and my 24th birthday. i rolled up with blu jemz, made a microphone using some headphones and a mixer and proceeded to talk shit, sing and joke over the loud speaker. i basically turned a relatively mellow bbq into my own 2 hour showcase. blu jemz said that was the day i became a legend. i couldnt agree with him more. it was an awesome afternoon and a lesson in life. an just what did i learn from that day? never go to a bbq rolling on exstasy.from the bbq i went to the chunk shack to fix a flat only to find my roomate paul assembling a ghost bike to be put at the end of the williamsburg bridge. ghost bikes are the white bikes you see around the city. theyre there to represent people that have past away riding their bikes. this one was to represent bronx john who past away last year i believe. there was already a bike in place for him but someone stole or removed it. no one knows. its not even pauls problem. hes just one of thoughs rad people that steps up no questions asked.

see? i enjoy the weekend

unemployed lloyd

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