Wednesday, July 4, 2007

god bless america.

i try to act like i dont understand why people love and/or voted for this guy. then i see something like this and completely understand. hes kinda rad, hes got charizma, hes funny, somewhat handsome and hes a fuck up which makes him more of an american then anything else. hes the type of dude to show up at your house on a tuesday night unanounced with a six pack of pbr ready to take bong rips and light his farts on fire. not exactly the type of guy you want running your country but a swell person none the less. that being said god bless america. only here can you watch the sun come up doing lines of blow and/or dodge the draft and still be president. thats why i love this country.

happy 4th of july

unemployed lloyds

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J Gott said...

yo boy

this is jenny from meanred. love the blog...the gay remix exploded my day into a million shards of fantastic. rock on-