Saturday, July 7, 2007


ive never lost a phone before but the powers that be decided my time was long over due. i lost my phone tonight and i want to cry. i cant believe there's people that go through this on a regular basis. im totally devistated. i had no idea i could hurt like this. i havent been this upset since my uncle died 7 years ago. i feel like life is over. i rode my bike home from williamsburg (give or take 5 miles) on the verge of tears. to add insult to injury i tried to go back to the bar where i think i left it and they wouldnt let me in. i know its in there. i was a glass door away from touching it but the derelict bar tenders wouldnt let me in because security had left. if i find my phone il never take it for granted, never let it leave my side, love it, encourage it and be the man it needs me to be. come back phone. i fucked up. i know i fucked up. im sorry. forgive me. just come back and make it all right. PLEASE.

an appropriate song

unemployed lloyd

"my blogs like a reality tv show, you get the good the bad, the happy and the sad. nigga" - unemployed lloyd


Mike B said...

I love that song... shh, don't tell nobody.

stanley said...

Ahhh shit Lloyd, I know how you feel about your lost phone. I like mine last week in a cab while I was in Singapore. Tried calling it but who ever picked it up turned it off and likey kept i and threw my sim card away.

Oh well, I cant hate. I'd probably do the same ... actually not with the phone I was an old piece of shit! ...but still my shit..