Friday, July 27, 2007

last night.

the strap on my record bag broke and my other bags are scattered around the city so i had to carry my serato and lap top in a big brown box. i must have looked like such a derelict cus when they made the announcement on the train to be "cautious of suspicious looking characters" every one kinda glanced in my direction. ha. a long night indeed. i was dead tired so its a good thing the club was fucking packed when i got there. the mannager saw me when i rolled up and gave me this "lets do this!" look. i was so pissed. i need that first hour to gather myself but i guess i didnt really have that option last night. oh, well. 6 hours and 304 songs later the club was still packed. id like to see an LA dj do that. ha. your pretty clever with your "make it rain" into "umbrella" megamix's LA dj. too bad no one cares. kidding...kinda

next stop, the weekend

unemployed lloyd


Anonymous said...

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Adam said...

L.A. djs can be cheeseballs - I hear that, but then there are dudes like Mike B...not many who can please like him though. Love the blog Lloyd,

Craig said...

oh shit....i was having a hopeless day at the tubing paradise garage for some reason....????....and saw this track posted with a vinyl video montage of sorts, and freaked out....2 hrs later, I drop into your
blog had posted the track....lord jesus....

my weekend is made

thanks lloyd
peace from mont-real, qc

Craig said...

true story....