Monday, July 2, 2007


how i love being a man. i mean lets be serious. what other gender is there? would you rather be a women? HA. get the fuck outta here. you only say that cus you dont know what its like to not shave for a month, leave your house unshowered, be a complete asshole and have people bow at your feet for it. its MANTASTIC! i can fuck who i want and be praised, be taken seriously in all my endeavours, piss when i feel the need and above all i can be fat if i want to. i guess the only downfall to being a man would be the inablility to have kids or a menstrual cycle. DAMN! Women are a necessary evil. theyre kinda lame, they smell like incence and theyre all alittle gay. like litteraly gay and/or easially turned out by other women. correct me if im wrong.

man power. its a movement

unemployed lloyd

"to get laid women gotta look good where as men gotta feel good. i feel great!" - unemployed lloyd

*most women


andrea macedo said...

"they are lame"
you didn´t met me i´m fuckin funny

badkarma750 said...

the most poignant thing i've read in days. respeck the coque and tammmme the cunt.

vive le cirque, et vive le homme!