Sunday, July 22, 2007


the straw in my cocktail glass went up my nose last night. this actually happens to me alot. however, it didnt start bleeding like the last couple times so it wasnt a total lost. the last time it happened i was on a plane from la. the straw went up my nose, my nose began to bleed, the girl sitting next to me freaked and being the nice guy that i am i got up and moved to the only available seat which was one row short of the bathroom. this sucked because everytime someone went to the bathroom they would bump me making it impossible for me to sleep. the smell i didnt really mind so much because i had two napkins lodged up both nostrils. i must have looked like such an idiot. oh well. i guess i should pay more attention next time.

unemployed lloyd

ps. if you run into keith sweat today wish him a happy birthday.

"im heavy on the space nigga" - frog

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