Saturday, June 30, 2007

wild in the streets

alot of you were lucky enough to get my something special mix last year. however, before that was "sample and hold." they were pretty much the same with the exception of about 7 or 8 songs. basically two years ago i bought abelton and went re edit crazy for a month and decided to compile what id done in a mix for a trip to LA. anyway, here are a couple songs that did and did not make the final cut.

makin music
turn the music up
shady girl

unemployed lloyd

"i once went to sleep so drunk i pissed on the girl i was sleeping with. lucky for me i woke up before she did which gave me enough time to shower, change my clothes, get back in bed, wake her up and blame it on her. she was mortified and now when ever she knows im in or coming to the same club shes at she immediately leaves." -unemployed Lloyd

more mixes coming soon.

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