Friday, June 29, 2007

an then it happened

is it just me or is this summer shaping up to be one of the best ever. dammit man! im young, i make a little bit of money so im entitled to a lotta bit of fun. why not start a blog?

This is UNEMPLOYMENT ENJOYMENT where what i say matters and its only news worthy if it happens to me. im on some new shit right now. musics not a priority on this blog unfortunately. however, i am. not to say i wont post any but its more then likely ill talk about myself. on unemployment enjoyment you will get your daily servings of comedy, bad spelling, music and racism. lots of racism. consistancy is key.

unemployed lloyd

*a conversation with the ROC via text 6.28
me "fucking waitresses and their winehouse requests. get the fuck outta here"
roc "hahahahaha"
me "next time someone asks me who listens to this shit im gonna tell them cocktail waitresses"
roc "hahahaha asshole!"

"its a mans world. thats why womans history month falls in the same month as colon cancer awareness" -unemployed lloyd

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