Saturday, June 30, 2007


it took me a little while to get out of the house today. starting a blog is not an easy feat. i had a long dinner with a former flame which means we ate dinner and i apologized for an hour after about how i fucked up. yea i know, fuck that! afterwards i went to savalas. the dj's were whatever but i managed to have my good time. im convinced at this point that all 99.9% of all dj's suck. i hate to be negative but when the best compliment you can give a dj is "he can mix" its time to switch it up. "He can mix" (i know i could have said "she can mix" instead of "he can mix" but lets be serious) is like some dude on jerry springer saying "i take care of my kids." your supposed to do that! Get the fuck outta here! anyway, GOOD VIBES ALL AROUND!

unemployed lloyd

good question

"black history month? sheeeeet! i wouldve much rather gotten the casinos instead!" - unemployed lloyd

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Mike B said...

Jagged Edge house remix's are my xanadu... an nice Screwball reference BTW.