Saturday, June 30, 2007


i would take a shower now but all the fuses in my bathroom are blown. ever take a shit by candle light? its so creepy. better yet, ever take a shit in the dark? its the worst. you cant see the toilet paper after each wipe so you cant really gauge how clean youre getting. you kind of have to wing it. sucks cus things like this encourage mud butt which is an entry onto itself. on the topic of mud butt, the reason you get it aside from not washing is because when you hold in a shit or piss your taint muscles like any other muscles begin to sweat. i didnt actually read that anywhere but i think its a pretty good assumption. correct me if im wrong.

unemployed lloyd

an ode

"all women are crazy. dont think yours is? break up with her and watch what happens" - unemployed lloyd

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