Friday, June 29, 2007

vibes and stuff

what a weird night. i dj'd sober tonight which is a first in a long time. i think i may hop on the wagon for a bit. when your mom asks you whens the last time you stayed in at night and you reply febuary its time to switch it up. some dude came in the booth to give me "props" (couldnt spell the word i wanted to use) tonight. he said something along the lines of "good vibes man." it kinda startled me. i was like a dear in headlights when he said that. i wasnt sure if he was taking a piss at me or not. complements i can take but "good vibes man?" are you fucking serious? what do i look like? a fucking reggae dj? are there really people who talk like that and better yet are there people who can actually take "good vibes man" as a complement? get the fuck outta here! not to be outdone. the high light of my night came in the form or a guy in a wheelchair wildin' out to "walk it out." i almost didnt play the song for fear of looking like a total asshole but couldnt help myself in the end. it reminded me of this kid named russell me and my friends used to shit on in high school. he was in a wheelchair but he was also a huge asshole. we dubbed him ballstradamus and would fuck with him by telling him to "stand up for himself", "walk it off", or "roll out" when he was being annoying. one time he wanted to fight my friend martin. martin didnt give a fuck and with out realizing it asked russell to "step up." we all laughed. those were the days. i was such an asshole in highschool but...werent you?

"sorry but i dont do baltimore" -unemployed lloyd

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DJ Mighty Mouse said...

He tried to fight Martin?!?! What the fuck could Martin have said to him??? He did have a pretty short fuse for a paraplegic...