Saturday, August 4, 2007

when it rains it pours

this was the last picture taken before my camera fell into a puddle of water. i managed to pop it open and dry out the inside. however, its been nearly 12 hours and i cant tell if its gotten better or worst. im scared. it wasnt mine but loved that camera like it was my own. i went to get it fixed and the guy told me im better off getting a new one. i told him i dont want a new one, i want my old camera back. anyway, say a prayer for my camera. with your help i dont doubt we can get through this one. we've done it before. an if all goes well i'll be back to shooting videos and pictures before soon. i hope. i guess thats what i get for going to see CSS last night (dont ask).

two things i observed while watching CSS

1.body suit...dope!
2.body...not so much

unemployed lloyd

ps. having no camera opens the internship doors wide open again. apply with in!

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