Friday, August 17, 2007

the bridge

whats crackin you ask? well, after what feels like forever the north side of the manhattan bridge is open again. i never new i could feel so good. life just made a turn for the better. no more playing frogger with the joggers. im know what else feels like forever? this week. i think new york is sleepy again. i went out every night but tonight. at this point im over it. i was gonna go to lotus to see mike and ayres but i have to work there tomorrow night so why bother(sorry guys). plus ive got short term goals right now and cant afford to be distracted. i need a passport bad. ive always wanted one and what better time then now to get one. hopefully i can wake up early enough and send for one tomorrow. today i took pictures for it. i look like a terrorist by the way. i shouldve shaved. i can totally see airport security escorting me to the "special" line at jfk next time i try to leave the country. oh well. lesson learned.

unemployed lloyd

ps. again. sorry for the lack of posts. dont act like you didnt notice.
pss. there always the weekend

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