Saturday, August 11, 2007

bee & tee

so last night i dj'd at lotus again. im assuming the rub boys were on vacation and/or traveling so friday was left open. it was fun. an interesting night to say the least. the music was the same ol but the energy in the room was great. i got there only to realize id forgoten my headphones. i went til about 1 without them (doing pretty good i might add) before my homies blu jemz and egg foo brought a pair through for me. im not sure how lotus does it but they somehow manage to pull in about 800 of the worst people week after week. im not mad though. some chick mistook me for cosmo baker. i should have deaded her right then but her whole steez was too good to be true. she was straight up bridge and tunnel. she basically looked like jennifer aniston but orange. she was wearing this strapless brown shirt with matching brown shorts. an outfit most women could pull off became the opposite of flattering when coupled with her orange skin. i wish i could have taking a picture. homegirl looked like a fucking nike box. ha

unemployed lloyd

ps. sorry for the hiatus (one day). dont act like you didnt notice.

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Cosmo said...

You're a good looking dude.