Friday, August 24, 2007


i guess there is such a thing as feeling yourself too much. i think i may have gotten caught up. i checked my email from my phone last night. it read unemployed lloyd would like to be added as one of your friends. no big deal but because ive been feeling myself so much and (correct me if im worng) my shits been kinda poppin lately i automatically assumed someone made a a fake account of me and requested my friendship. good or bad when some one makes a fake myspace for you its kinda awesome. so im really feeling myself at this point. so much in fact i text all my friends and tell them "you havent made it until someone makes a fake myspace for you." ha. in responce to this the roc wrote back "dumbass, theres a glitch in myspace. i got like 20 dj roctakon would like to be your friend emails today"....huh? i was so bummed. i then realized on any given day i would have figured it for a glitch and kept it moving but because i started feeling myself id become a bit delusional. ha. lesson learned...or not. fugit!! i dont care. by the time you read this i'l either be in la or on a plane sitting next to eli trying to explain to him why wearing a shirt that says:

is a bad look!

unemployed lloyd

oh and i saw someone almost get run over by a hurst today. i thought it was kinda funny.

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