Wednesday, August 8, 2007

enough about me pt 2

if someone where to ask me who or what inspires me the most id say my little brother jonathan aka killaminjaro mcniggerburger. this kid is the truth. he is with out a doubt my favorite person. hes been in and out of hospitals since the age of 11. while most kids were taking part in after school activities my brother was on medication, in the hospital or hooked up to a dialysis machine. from kindey transplants to kidney failure he's seen it all. yet, some how through it all he kept and countinues to keep his cool. watching him live his life knowing hes not promised anything definitely puts everything in perspective. he doesnt trip so i shouldnt either.

*he made this little movie his junior year in high school. he never finished it though. he should.

FYI. dont let him catch you calling him jonathan. not anymore atleast. its pronounced (JAH-NAY-THAN) or nate for short now. i dont mind though. its better then killaminjaro mcniggerburger. ha.

unemployed lloyd

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Hunter said...

Man, it blows my mind what kids these days can effortlessly (sometimes apathetically) pull off on the computer.

Case and point, your bro Nate. Is that video technically mindblowing? Nah, but it was really cool and fun to watch. Plus, for a middle school kid, it's a fucking accomplishment. Did he pic out the track? That's a whole 'nother accomplishment in itself, right there, for a modern day middle schooler.

At any rate, you should bug him to finish it.

And, if you feel like it, tell him I said that I commend him for his positive outlook on life, despite (as you mentioned) another day isn't promised for a guy in his situation.

Seriously, I really think that is cool. Shit, I still act like the world is coming to an end when I run out of gas or my dogs eat food off my plate or some shit.

Well, thanks for posting this stuff and thanks for giving us a lil' glimpse into your world.

Take care,