Wednesday, August 15, 2007


im trying hard not to let this turn into a music blog but its been really hard to motivate lately. bare with me folks. anyway, here you have one of my favorite loose ends songs. i dont think it ever hit in the states because ive only ever seen it on import vinyl. either way its a favorite and a precursor to some of the shit coming out now. i swear if you told me the production was done recently i might believe you. ha. why does music blow right now by the way? i should blog about that. actually music blows right now partly because of the lack of quality control on blogs like this one. oh well, welcome to the future of music. its all down hill from here. ha.

DIAL 999

unemployed lloyd


Anonymous said...

Dial 999-WAA-AAAA, ya big baby.

Endless Jemz said...

If music sucks so much right now why don't you do something about it... like Fool's Gold or Allido or Money Studies? The institution of solution...