Monday, August 20, 2007

if everyday was like today...

id be the happiest person ever. it started off on a bad note. besides the parade outside my window i left my bike locked up in the burg only to come back to it with the back tire missing. i didnt trip though. i never do. thats new york. from there i went to mccarren park. it was whatever. i had some ice cream, sat in the rain and drank free red bull. ha. from there me and the homies wandered a bit, ate some food and met up with catchdubs at some random beer garden in the burg. i shit you not it was 730 when me, frog, lyle, andy and catchdubs got our first round. between there and some other place around the corner we didnt go our separate ways until 4 in the morning. we talked about everything. no topic untouched. no one got drunk, no one acted up. its been sometime since ive hung with the homies and just talked. i enjoyed it. its not everyday you get to think out loud. oh, and some chick gave me her number. i didnt say a word to her. she just rolled up with a sheet of paper, gave it to me and said call me. she probably reads the blog. yay.

oh the weekend.

unemployed lloyd

ps. and i got my phone back. thanks queen "i put the gay in alligator" majesty.


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