Sunday, August 19, 2007


went to sleep wasted last night. i keep my lap top on my bed. i was in the middle of writing a blog before i passed out. i was off to a good start too. i dont remember doing it but at some point my face was on the keyboard. how do i know? because i had (sssssssssssssssssssssss...) going from the top to the bottom of my computer screen when i woke. it reminded me of this time i was at my friend craigs house at 4 in the morning drunk. craig was in a producing mood so he was beating away at the keys on his triton. the noise was becoming unbearable so i left his room and went into the next to watch tv. in the next room i could kinda still hear the piano but atleast i could ignore him better . anyway, he's beating at the keys (wasted) for what seems like forever when all of the sudden i hear about 10 to 15 keys go down at once. it was the worst noise i had ever heard in my life. it continues for a while so i get up and walk back to his room assuming he's being an asshole only to find him passed out face first on the keys drooling on the floor. ha. asshole.

unemployed lloyd

ps. i lost my phone i think. the same phone i bought yesterday actually. oh well
pss. im never drinking again.

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