Friday, August 3, 2007

enough about me.

i think its time to shed some light on someone else for a change. not just anyone but someone who inspires me and that we all could learn a great deal about life from. meet "stuck in the mudd."
i dont really know his name nore have i ever talked to him. however, stuck in the mudd is a ray of light in a sometimes dark and cold night life. every thursday no matter rain, shine or snow hes out enjoying himself. alot of people say they dont give a fuck but stuck in the mudd actually doesnt. hes the first to dance and the last man standing at the end. he doesnt make the most money and he hardly gets the girl but he without a doubt has the most fun and sometimes that all that matters. i salute you stuck in the mudd. you rule!

we call him Stuck in the mudd because he dances like he is (stuck in the mudd). dont believe me?
see. i told you hes rad. i shot this video, went back to the booth, played 30 minutes of music then came back to take the above picture. i shit you not he was still dancing on the same two squares. god bless this guy.

unemployed lloyd

"Contrary to popular belief DJs dont actually like breakdancers. You bore us, take up space and reak of desperation (HEY, LOOK AT ME) over it!" - unemployed lloyd

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