Sunday, August 12, 2007

go brooklyn

yea. i know i almost never put hip hop on here but neil nice played this song yesterday at a bbq. i almost forgot how much i loved this song when it came out. never in my wildest dreams did i think id ever live in bk but here i am. i remember coming here when i was way young and being able to identify all the sections in brooklyn because of this song. i used to love buckshot and special ed. i remember going to a blackmoon show when i was 13 and being stoked cus buckshot was my height. ha. anyway, this was the first hip hop record i ever bought. this may seem pretty late in the game but keep in mind i was 11 when this came out. if you ask me i think thats pretty rad. that same day i bought house of pains "whos the man" as well as that top quality "magnum opus" promo you see in everyones collection. all of which i still have by the way. fuck yea brooklyn.


pics from the bbq.

unemployed lloyd

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