Monday, August 6, 2007

just sayin'

went to go see the bourne ultimatum with frog, brendan, woody and the roc last night. we got there around 10 to catch a 10:15 show but it was sold out. instead we bought tickets for the 11 oclock show and killed the 45 minutes by playing video games. there was no machine for quarters and none of the games (with exception of this one below) took dollars. so while the roc went to the concession stand to get change i popped in a dollar for the fuck of it. first dollar, first try, two stuffed animals at the same time. id like to see your boyfriend do that. i think this makes me awesome or something. correct me if im wrong. ha

*EDIT. thats is not a phone hanging off my belt. its where i keep my camera. i repeat, that is not a phone!

unemployed lloyd 2
everyone else 0

unemployed lloyd

ps. whatever you do dont see the bourne ultimatum. im not sure but i think it was made for dumb people. i went to sleep.

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