Friday, September 7, 2007

my freakum drawls

so yea my boxer game is even realer then my tshirt game. is there even a boxer game? not really, but after this post there might be. what makes my boxer game so so real is that all my boxers are christmas themed. not just one or two pair, not even a couple but all of them. basically i buy boxers in bulk after the holidays at the gap when the christmas boxers are between 1 and 2 dollars. what started out as capitalizing on a good bargin turned into an all out obsession over the last 5 years. in the winter of 2003 i bought my mom a 100$ gap gift certificate for christmas. she didnt see anything she liked so i asked for the card back and told her id buy her something else instead. i never did get around to buying her anything but i did get a shit ton of boxers that year. however weird this obsession may be i think theres nothing cooler then walking around with a snowman on your ass in the middle of summer. they make great conversation starters. i dunno. correct me if im wrong but my boxers rule. all of them!

unemployed lloyd

ps. true story. while living with the roc i ventured out and bought halloween boxers. unfortunately i never got to wear them because the roc being the asshole he is stole them from me. dick!


Baby Sinead said...


you're ridiculous

this is amazing

I want to buy you some boxers

Promise said...

Ha HA. Fag.