Wednesday, September 26, 2007

so yea...

..the other night i had to host some heavily sponcered dj competition put on by a company called LVHRD. i had never heard of the company but apparently everyone else has because they managed to fill a 400 capacity space out in the middle of nowhere street and north 14th. i was asked to host four days before. i assumed id show up, talk some shit, yell at people, get paid and go home. not the case at all. i rolled in a little after 7 (late) and was immediately bombarded by a list of things to say, sponcers to mention, guidelines to follow and rules...lots of rules. i dont really have issues with talking at functions however i was scared to death. ask woody. at one point my hands were shaking. i assured the people throwing the party id be fine but to be honest i didnt pull my shit together until someone handed me a mic and told me to go. believe it or not it was awesome. jeah.this guy was awesome. i asked him where he got so much energy from and his responce was "protein bars" WOW! this was when he thought it would be funny if he danced in a box. unfortunately for him it wasnt until i screamed "hey look, theres a dick in a box!" ha. i carck myself up sometimes. some girl kept bugging me for my hat. assuming she'd take care of it, i let her wear it. it came back with cake on it. happens. all and all a great night indeed. if asked id do it again. fuck yeah LVHRD.

*more pictures here

unemployed lloyd

ps. i love how i (a dj) get called to host a dj battle. wtf! its kinda like when one of my promoter friends calls and asks if i know and good dj's willing to work on saturday night. asshole.


Blah said...

Whine whine whine =)

Thanks for making the event awesome.

4AM jess said...

I think you make a great host Lloydski

"You're overachieving" hahahaha