Tuesday, September 25, 2007

tears of a clown bro!

sorry for the lack of posts. im in the process of moving and havent been able to motivate on the blog. moving sucks (late breaking news). i feel like my blog has been lacking any real substance anyway and i refuse to feed you youtube clips and such so id rather not blog. i thought about not writing at all til i get my shit together but...this is a blog. shit aint all good all the time. ha. i think its kinda assholic to assume people give a shit about you anyway. are blogs the new tattoos? i hate tattoos! im sorry but the only thing worse then tattoos are the shitty reasons people get them. "oh, iv been told i have a great memory so i got this huge elephant on my head, neck and shoulder" youre kidding right??!! no matter how well you explain them you always come out sounding cornball. i would seriously be happy if you told me you got a tattoo because it looked cool. that i can do. anyway, im moving and i dont have an apt yet. im kinda stressed but i dont doubt il be fine. bare with me. my blogs might be a bit scattered for a while however il come around soon enough. with spell check hopefully...or not. JEAH!

unemployed lloyd

ps. i hosted a dewars sponcered party tonight. it was awesome. i got cake in my hair.


Jasper said...

dude, chin up. you're still at a very healthy ratio of 38 posts in 25 days. It's cool. PS: me and P-GORG showed up to look at the same apartment, did he tell you? Weird. Good thing I didnt like the apartment.

Woods said...

the only thing better than the clown picture is this picture: