Wednesday, September 12, 2007

happy belated birthday!

the needy pack:
i need somebody to love tonight
i need you (dimitri edit) fixed!!!

unemployed lloyd

ps. ha. come to think of it ive totally cried while listening to "i need you." its just that good to me. probably my favorite song ever. aww man. fuck a new computer im buying a rotary.

*by the way all you dj's claiming dance music all of the sudden and shitting on the rotary get the gasface. when i see you ima shit in a sock and beat you with it. fucking pussies!

*EDIT - i need you link fixed



i suspect you've been lurking on the hollerboard based on that comment. these kids man... btw i was about to post I NEED SOMEBODY... tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

letting you posted the same mix twice, no dimitri edit of 'i need you"

Anonymous said...

and yes, fuck those radio listenin turds on hollerboard, they only know about fitted caps

lloydski said...

link fixed homie. thanks for the heads up