Monday, September 3, 2007

mundane mondays vs west indian day parade.

my birthday yesterday at the yard? awesome!today hungover at home with a parade going full blast outside my window...not so much.this really really sucks. all i wanna do is sleep but its so fucking loud in my apt. i watched tv with headphones on today. its like there's a live soca band in my fucking kitchen its so loud. man i hate soca! im all for everyone having there good time but why is it the good time always has to come at the expense of my hangovers. this is too funny right now. oh well. party on.

unemployed lloyd

*seriously though. i feel like im being punk'd right now. haha. i get it. now stop. please.


Anonymous said...

yea the lab blog is mad weak, spesh this schnipper mo ... damn he needs to stop posting.

djBaggs A.K.A Evvy Ev said...

Happy Birfday, G
all CPT and shit... mine is sept 18th, that way ill get it on time.


Anonymous said...

what is that song in the mundane monday vs. woody fu vid?

oh, and i feel you on the parade too. irish one in bk used to go right by my place....4+ hours of tin flutes and snare drums