Wednesday, September 5, 2007


you can have a great heart, read books, have a great personality, wash, be educated, rich, good looking, have a big house, serious asshole issues or even eat a mean pussy. however, the way to a girls "heart" is with a tandem bike. i was forced to ride my roomates when the back wheel on my bike was stolen a couple weeks ago. i'll just say plans change when im on the tandem. theres nothing better then riding through the city with some girl you just met while bystanders turn green with envy wishing they had what we have. chemistry? not really... a tandem bike.
who wants a ride? no f.g's please.

unemployed lloyd

*actually, the only downfall was having to take it home on the train at 4am one night after gettng a flat. that kinda sucked. otherwise id advise you get involved.

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Juliana said...

no fat girls
what about if a FG got dyslexia and became your g.f