Wednesday, September 5, 2007

jump start mark.

watched shooter for the first time last night.i hate to say it but i kinda liked it. im so not mad at this movie or anything (aside from the entourage) that mark wahlberg has ever done. even his bad movies are still pretty great. this coming from someone saw this movie because this movie was sold out. ha. regaurdless, mark is flawless. after watching shooter i youtube'd the trailer for the fuck of it. the first 30 seconds play out like brokeback mountain. kinda funny.go see this movie...or not actually.

unemployed lloyd

speaking of unintentional gayness. ive tried once but see if you cant count the amount of homosexual references in this tribe called quest song. theres alot.

*thanks moe choi

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chainsawvigilante said...

Q did used to wear those berets and vests all the time