Friday, September 7, 2007

best of both worlds week pt 3

ive got alot of rare records. alot! however, none is more cherished than this. yea, you didnt even know there was a 12 did you? ha. this is a record only someone who dj'd pre serato could appreciate. back when you were on your feet three times a week going to the labels to get records or bargining with shop owners to give up their promos. i remember how mad i used to get when i would get to a record store and the clerk would be all like "your buddy was just here. the little asian fella. cleaned us out. sorry." ha! as much as i hated it i miss it alot. i remember when i found this. aw man. i dont doubt i cried that day. jeah.


maybe one day i'l put the instumental and radio version. or not.

unemployed lloyd

*man i love this song!


Mike B said...

I'm tight right now!

Deez said...

I had no idea this was an official release!? Your MP3 sounds so much more official than my bootleg.

Come up off them clean and instro-mentals son!