Monday, October 15, 2007


ok so my friend asked me what i thought about totes bags because he was considering buying one. i didn't think much of it and told him whatever. that was a week ago. after sitting in an airport for 2 hours today i realized i should have told him not get a tote bag. men with tote bags is such a bad look for so many reasons. particularly because it degrades us. like i feel like there's this whole conspiracy where women encourage us to look like pussy's while they plot to take over the world behind our backs. in order for this not to happen sometimes a mans gotta be a fucking man pit stains and all. what ever happened to the male swagger? now you got all these dudes prancing around pretending to be pigeon toed. don't get me wrong, im all for some tight jeans. i like when a chick can see/touch my dick. however, a man shouldn't want a tote bag he should want a blow job and a steak (at the same time). a man shouldn't have these underwear in every color. he should secretly wish he had the balls to rob a bank or was a single parent struggling to give his son the life he never had (think will smith in the pursute of happiness) . they (women) are winning at the moment and before you know it men will be obsolete. only good for fixing cars and painting houses in our plunging v necks. im not going for it. this country is on the verge of change. however, its completely preventable but its gotta start with the tote bag. are we gonna be men or fucking pussies about this? oh, and that girl at american apparel who said you look cute in your tote bag? she's totally in on it.

over and out,
unemployed lloyd

on the topic of totes i recently found out what "totes" means. so underwelming.

oh, and i really think ive stumbled onto some serious inside conspiracy shit. dont be suprised if i end up dead somewhere.

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Woods said...

I only have those underwear in mostly every color.